What is the best place to eat near Twickenham?

Twickenham is best known for being a leafy suburban area of south west London and the home of a rugby union. It also has the second largest stadium in the UK – Twickenham Stadium. Whether you’re taking a break from a dynamic city life, going to the concert or a rugby game, it’s good to know a nice place to eat!

Twickenham is often referred to as the home of a rugby union. It’s known for 18th century buildings and attractive, tree-lined residential roads by the riverside. Another noteworthy asset is the diverse selection of cafés and restaurants. Traditional English, Italian, Thai, French and European restaurants – the choice is yours. Be warned, it’s not an easy one!

If you’re looking for restaurants in Twickenham, which offer a good selection of flavour-rich dishes and a good wine selection list, you’ve found the right place. Twickenham has a few well-established restaurants, but also some promising ones. One of them is Salt Flakes London Restaurant, which takes the visitors on a delicious tour of European cuisine.

Even though the restaurant is still in its infancy, they’ve set the expectations quite high. The first time you see Salt Flakes you notice the attention to detail. The atmosphere is pleasant and enriched by lovely décor. The menu is carefully selected. It’s a restaurant with a mission to introduce you to an unforgettable flavour of Europe. Salt Flakes offers a well-selected wine list, which draws out the best out of the chosen dishes. Right now, it’s best known for its dinners, but it’s also a nice lunch place. The restaurant offers a special Lunch Set Menu. The staff is attentive and has an open mind for their client’s suggestions for improvement.

Finding the right place to eat is not an easy task. Yet Twickenham gives a promise of the best places to stop by for a good meal. Rich in different kinds of cuisine, everyone will find something they’ll like. Salt Flakes London is an example of a restaurant, which pays attention to detail and offers top-quality service. Most importantly it introduces their visitors to an unforgettable taste of Europe.


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