The Kitchen at the Heart of the Modern Family Home

The modern family spends less time together than they did 20 years ago. The advances in modern technology, coupled with the demands of work and school life, means there are constant sources of distraction that lead people away from that precious family time. Consequently, developers are now under pressure to build homes that provide space for families to come together – hence the surge in popularity of open-plan living.


The kitchen now serves multiple purposes – going beyond a room used solely for food preparation. This area needs to maintain its functional and practical purposes, whilst being an environment that offers entertainment and social elements. The room no longer needs to just focus on kitchen sinks and refrigerators but far more advanced technology that makes the space multi functional.


New Connotations, New Design


Although the kitchen has evolved over recent years, it has always been the main hub of a home.


Style and design must reflect the practicality and function of the room whilst creating a welcoming environment. With modern designs being supportive of the changing themes of spaces, kitchens can be the epitome of style whilst fulfilling their new purposes.


New Technology, New Focus

tech kitchen

The living room was typically the heart of the home. It was the space that offered entertainment, comfort and relaxation, but new technology has changed this too.


Televisions and music systems are not out of place in the modern kitchen, so lounges are becoming almost obsolete.


New Lifestyles, New Spaces


With the changing pace of daily life, the kitchen is an easier place to accommodate the interaction of families. The introduction of technology and the overhaul of design to incorporate open plan living, supports the idea of the kitchen becoming the sole focus in the house.


A higher number of interior design suggestions are focused on the kitchen, a reflection of the growing use of the room and the need for the modern family to engage and interact in a relaxed atmosphere.

This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35


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