The art of the easy appetizer

An easy appetizer is a great dish to master. For a number of reasons, an appetizer is the most enjoyable course. I have thought about the matter and have decided that these are the reasons why:

1. No person really expects an appetizer when they enter another person’s house. Even if they are going for a meal, they might not expect this welcoming treat.

2. The small portions of an appetizer give people a chance to try something new without the daunting prospect of having to order a whole plate of it.

3. It is eating without the formality. It is often the case that we are sitting and sometimes the concern of whether we are using the correct cutlery. The appetizer is a casual dining experience.

An easy appetizer (Nemme forretter is the term in Danish), having realised these points, is a good thing to get right. If a number of friends come over unexpectedly then a number of these dishes would satisfy them to no end. The best thing about them is that they will taste as though a lot more time went into them. They won’t taste easy. Here are some ideas:

– Cheese Fondue. This will always be a favourite for anyone with even a mild interest in strong cheese. One can try this with a number of different cheeses, and it is of course advisable to choose a favourite cheese, but I like it with a circle of baked Brie. I serve it with slices of a toasted baguette, or slices of apple if I’m feeling healthy.

– Stuffed button mushrooms. This easy appetizer includes meat so be sure to provide a vegetarian option alongside it or risk excluding a person from your delicious treats. Cutting the stems from the mushrooms and then filling the gap with a sausage and breadcrumb mixture make this appetizer. One can then brown the mushrooms by baking them. This will certainly not look or taste as easy as it was to make.

– Pears wrapped in prosciutto ham. The simplest appetizer that I have served, and one that takes almost no effort and, funnily enough, inspires the most conversation, is this one. An appetizer that gets people talking is a good idea when one remembers that they are served at the very beginning of an evening, which is a time when conversation might be a little slow. To make this, just cut a ripe pear into slices and wrap it in the ham. One can drizzle some vinegar or oil over the top if they wish.

– Garlic and bean dip. The list would not be complete without a dip. Finely chop – in a food processer – two cloves of garlic before adding two cans of white beans, one quarter of a cup of extra virgin olive oil, half a tablespoon of lemon peel and one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Spin the food processer until the mixture is smooth, and then remove. One can use whatever they want for this dip, but a good dip is always a good thing to have on hand when serving food.

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