Ways to tell if the food we eat is healthy

Many of us do our best to stick to a healthy, balanced diet but with complicated packaging, confusing food labels and misleading marketing campaigns, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes the foods we think are good for us can in fact have hidden ingredients that boost the calorific value and undo any of the nutritional benefits […]

5 Biggest Cavity Causers

Tooth decay is a major problem impacting the dental health of 92 percent of the adult population between the ages of 20 and 64. Out of that group, an estimated 23 percent of those people do not receive treatment. Most of these people do not seek dental help due to financial restrictions. Tooth decay afflicts […]

Top 6 Wines to Have for a Great Tasting Event

What are some of the best wines to have at a tasting event? When choosing the right wines, you need to think about combining a progression of different types of wine, which can complement each other and go well with light appetisers; the main issue to focus on is not overwhelming your guests’ tastes too […]