Put Some Meat on Your Mobile – Seriously!

There is no product that cannot be bought online. It includes things that depend upon freshness such as meat and fish. The consumer has bought into the idea of using the Internet for a great deal of shopping and suppliers have developed their business to adapt to this change in behaviour. Different people and religions have different demands and tastes; all are catered for online.



In the Muslim world, great store is placed on certain principles and one is the meat that can be consumed and the ritual that must take place every time an animal is killed for food. Their death must be in the name of Allah; ‘there is no god but allah the one God’ must be said during the killing. It is viewed as an honour with the animal having lived a humane life and its death about to contribute to the health and welfare of others.

There have been criticisms of the process of killing the animal by cutting its throat but such a method renders the animal unconscious immediately. The other criticism of halal meat is that it is unclean. Nothing could be further from the truth. If someone has had a bad experience it is likely to be because of the personnel involved in the storage and cooking rather than the process itself. That can apply to any product and any location.

Food handling is a sensitive subject in general and poor conditions can occur anywhere. They are soon closed down when they are discovered. The procedure for killing bears no relationship to a company involved in food handling.


Indeed there are strict guidelines in Islam on cleanliness and hygiene throughout the day and it matches anything in other walks of life. There is ritual washing before prayer so that the worshipper can stand before allah clean in spirit and body. Such standards are indeed high. It is a concept that is a factor throughout a Muslim’s life and the humane conditions in which animals destined to be food for people are kept before killing shows the utmost respect for the beast.

Halal meat

The supply of halal meat to homes, businesses and restaurants is certainly an important activity. The best companies strive to explain their business and products while emphasising the quality of their service from their premises to the consumer. Modern packaging and excellent transport links mean that an Internet supplier can get your order to the front door the next day in excellent fresh condition. The development of secure payment gateways has led to a huge increase in eCommerce. It is so convenient to get products delivered rather than you having to drive to suppliers, find a parking space and deal with crowds.

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