Make perfect cake pops

Cake pops without doubt are the current must-eat desserts, available at a birthday party, baby shower, café and office coffee break near you. Cake pops may be easy to enjoy but they can be surprisingly difficult to make. Use a mini cupcake mold to get the cake pops into the required balls, and a mixture of cake mix and frosting. A number of different recipes on the Internet tell you exactly how much of which ingredients you need in your recipe – take a look to find one you think will work for you, and get ready to do some experimenting with toppings and frostings.

Decorating cake pops

However you make the cake pop balls, all of them have one thing in common – you need to decorate them. Decorating cake pops consists of dipping them in chocolate then adding some form of decoration. You can use all kinds of decorations on cake pops, from sprinkles to candy. Nuts and dried fruit make a healthier alternative, and you can also dip the pops in layers of different-colored chocolate. Add cherries or decorate the cake pops with icing that spells out guests’ initials at a party.

Different brands of chocolate work in different ways so bear this in mind when you are ready to decorate your cake pops. If possible, do a trial run with a small batch so you can understand how the chocolate covers the cake and what kind of decorative effect it creates.


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How to get the pops on a stick

One of the most challenging aspects of making cake pops is knowing how to get them to stay on the stick. This is essential, of course – cake pops are popular because they are easy to eat, and no one wants theirs to fall off into their drink. Try dipping the stick in melted chocolate first, then putting the cake ball on the stick and letting the chocolate set in the fridge or the freezer. If you don’t do this, you risk the cake pop falling off. Try not to make the balls too big or you will have problems keeping them in place.

When you are dipping the cake pop into the chocolate to decorate it, go carefully. Don’t twirl the cake pop as this causes the top to loosen and possibly fall. You can always spoon extra chocolate over the pop once it is out of the bowl.

Cheat your way to cake pop success

Alternatively – if all this seems a little too fiddly and time consuming for you – why not skip the process and buy your cake pops from a professional? Find out Where To Buy Cake Pops in your local area by searching online or taking a trip to the mall. As one of the current favorites in the food world cake pops are available most places where you can also find cupcakes and sweet desserts. A box of cake pops delivered to your door makes a wonderful treat, so push the boat out and order yours – you can perfect your recipe tomorrow.

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