Learn How to Eat Out and Be Smart

Who doesn’t enjoy a meal out, either with business associates or family? There’s a reason why there are a lot of different restaurants scattered across the UK, even in some of the smaller towns. People basically get tired of cooking at home, and rightfully so. What better way to take a break from the drudgery of everyday cooking than by spending a relaxing evening out, letting somebody else cook for you? Special celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries are also usually far more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about a thing. However, if you’re concerned about your weight and your diet, there are several things that you can do to make sure that your restaurant experience doesn’t turn into a nutritional disaster.

Know What to Ask For

Practically every restaurant, in order to be a little more efficient and cost-effective, has a menu of choices available. These can either be fixed and constant, or they can be supplemented by daily specials. However, while they are hopefully all delicious, many are not really that good for you, either from a nutritional or dietary standpoint. The trick here is to resist your impulses and order things that are both delicious and healthy. A couple of things to keep in mind:


  • Hold the salt: Most restaurants add salt during the cooking process, often in an effort to make the dish a little more flavourful. But we all typically consume too much salt. A better option is to ask them to prepare your dish without salt, allowing you to add just the amount you need, if any at all.
  • Hold the cream: Many sauces are made with cream-based products. These are typically high in calories and cholesterol. If you can resist the temptation, ask for a vegetable-based sauce, such as tomatoes.
  • Avoid anything fried: Anything from fish to rice is often offered in fried form. This is definitely not healthy. For one, you have no idea how often the same oil has been used throughout the day, and all oils used for frying are high in cholesterol and fat. See if what you are asking for can be either steamed or baked.
  • Clean vegetables: If vegetables are served steamed, be sure to ask for them to be steamed as little as possible. There is nothing nutritional about an over-steamed or overcooked vegetable. If it is presented with a sauce, either based on butter, mayonnaise, or another fatty condiment, ask them to put it on the side or avoid it altogether.
  • Look for healthy options: Many restaurants, recognising customers’ desire for healthy, low-calorie meals, are beginning to show the number of calories for each of their dishes. With this information, you can make intelligent choices by selecting something that is both tasty and yet low in calories.


No Time for Eating Out?

Even during the work week, there sometimes isn’t enough time to go out and eat even a fairly simple meal at a local restaurant. At home, sometimes time and money are impediments towards enjoying a full night out. Either way, it is easy to get a healthy and balanced meal through delicious and effective meal replacements. All you have to do is click here to discover a whole world of tasty replacements that are good for you.

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