Ideas for Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dinners


Are you tired of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

If getting up early to prepare turkey, stuffing and gravy just does not sound appealing, give one of these non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas a try. You never know; this could be the start of a whole new family tradition.

TV and Munchies Thanksgiving
If it has been a long time since you have spent an entire day just relaxing and watching the game with your family, then this is the Thanksgiving idea for you. When you choose the right TV service, you can dedicate the entire day to relaxation. Agree on a channel, lay back, and enjoy the time off from work while surrounded by the people you love.

The dinner portion of this Thanksgiving plan is simple. Just stock up on your favorite snack items, such as chips, dip, frozen mozzarella sticks and frozen pizza. The point is to choose items that you either do not have to cook or can simply reheat in the oven. This is not a friendly Thanksgiving idea for dieters, but then again, Thanksgiving has never been a diet-friendly holiday.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Do the environment a favor by choosing to go without meat this Thanksgiving. A meatless dinner does not have to be a tasteless dinner. Tofurkey is certainly an option, but many people find it dry and rather flavorless. Tastier vegetarian Thanksgiving main dishes include vegetable lasagna, vegetable stir fry, and marinated tofu wraps. You could even serve a delicious vegetarian quiche. While typically a breakfast food, its savory flavor and rich, egg texture are sure to satisfy your appetite.

Barbecue-style Thanksgiving
If you are thankful for barbecued brisket and sweet, saucy ribs, then this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that thankfulness. Prepare some of your barbecue favorites outside on the grill, and get ready to see your guests’ faces light up when they taste them. This is a holiday, so feel free to go all out with the side dishes, too. Have guests bring along macaroni and cheese, collard greens, baked beans and other favorites. Keep with the theme when it comes to beverages, too. Sweet tea and lemonade go perfectly with barbecue.

Traveling Thanksgiving
Progressive dinners used to be popular but have fallen out of vogue now that people have less time to dine. On Thanksgiving, however, you have plenty of time to spend. This is the perfect opportunity to bring back the progressive dinner.

This Thanksgiving dinner idea does require some planning. Make a list of each household that is planning on participating in your Thanksgiving dinner. Then, assign each one of them a “course” of the meal to prepare.

Start your Thanksgiving dinner adventure at the first house, where you all enjoy an appetizer and perhaps a light drink. Then, move on to the second house, where you enjoy the first main course. At the third and fourth houses, you can enjoy additional dinner courses, and at the last house, you enjoy dessert.

Depending on the number of participants in your dinner party, you can alter the courses that you serve at each stop along the way. Be sure to designate a driver who abstains from alcohol and can thus transport you safely.

Brunch-style Thanksgiving
Do you enjoy sleeping in on holidays? Then the brunch-style Thanksgiving dinner is perfect for you. Get up late, leave you pajamas on, and tell your guests to show up in their pajamas, too.

The best part about a brunch Thanksgiving is the food. Make breakfast favorites like quiche, French toast, eggs Benedict and flapjacks. If your guests want to bring dishes, suggest they bring easily portable dishes such as muffins, breads and fresh fruit. The drinks of choice at a brunch Thanksgiving are, of course, mimosas.

Thanksgiving is meant to be a time when you reflect on the things and people for which you are grateful. While that traditionally means eating a big meal with turkey, there are many ways to celebrate your thankfulness.

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