Food and hair treatments

Are there any foods that help strengthen the hair by acting on the peripheral circulation of the scalp? It’s the case of chocolate that is rich in protein and other vital minerals for the human body, acts directly on the blood circulation in our scalp and is used in some beauty treatments. 

Important spice is chilli. Capsaicin, a chemical contained within it, is a vasodilator and its implementation at the local level could help the flow of blood to our skin and stimulate the hair follicles to remain productive and prevent hair loss.

Meat and fish help our hair: poultry are present in proteins that help the cells of our hair to synthesize keratin and grow a thick head of hair and healthy. The salmon contains proteins rich in lysine (amino acids key to the health of the hair) and is rich in omega 3, which is necessary to maintain the integrity of the cells of our skin.

Conclusions about diet and nutrition hair

In all four cases, if you could not, or wishes to, change its diet and eating style, you can use hair supplements he provided that the choice of the most appropriate product is made on the advice of a physician or other qualified figures. Depending on the type of dietary deficiency manifested supplements are appropriate to be used strictly in the prescribed amount.

The cases analyzed represent a small percentage of the food landscape of the advanced countries, where the power of the majority of people is sufficiently rich in all the nutrients necessary for the nourishment of the hair and the whole body.

Consequently, when in the presence of a balanced nutrition or while resorting to supplements for hair, the fall continues to be abnormal, then it is important to rely on a specialist, trichologist, able to perform the hair test to detect the possible causes of hair loss. If these are due to abnormalities of the skin that alter the normal cycle of hair growth, the hair specialists will propose the most suitable treatment trichological to recover the health of the scalp. The best diet or nutrition for hair is often not enough to stop hair loss.

Diet and Hair

Almost all people can now afford a ‘full power of all the substances necessary to maintain healthy hair , but in some cases weight loss diets or tastes particularly difficult produce serious nutritional deficiencies that cause hair thinning or hair loss . The most common cases of poor nutrition for hair are:

  • VEGETARIAN DIET. The lack of protein intake and, on the other hand, the high fiber intake, promotes hair loss making them fragile and very fine;
  • LOW POWER. It is often due to overly restrictive diets to lose weight, which reduces the contribution of all the main nutrients of the hair and even the bare minimum of carbohydrates. Faced with a genetic predisposition to hair game this behavior is really harmful and is likely to accelerate significantly thinning;
  • Bad customer CONSUMPTION OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. There are people who are citrus fruits and vegetables foods bland and unattractive to the point of not ever eat them. Needless to say, this conduct food, if not compensated for by the use of supplements for hair, greatly reduces the variety of essential nutrients to nourish the hair properly. Lack of vitamin A, for example, makes the skin dry and dry and dull hair.
    That’s why a power that ignores some important vitamins and trace elements such as magnesium, is a diet that does not go wrong to strengthen the hair and get the result exactly opposite.

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