Why are Vietnamese Dishes so Popular in London?

Have you ever wondered why Vietnamese restaurants are all over the place, especially in London? As you drive along the busy streets to find a place to eat, you will realise that Vietnamese restaurants are everywhere. There are a lot of reasons why they are abundant in the city. To begin with, there are quite […]

Put Some Meat on Your Mobile – Seriously!

There is no product that cannot be bought online. It includes things that depend upon freshness such as meat and fish. The consumer has bought into the idea of using the Internet for a great deal of shopping and suppliers have developed their business to adapt to this change in behaviour. Different people and religions […]

Lasagna – the ultimate comfort food

There is nothing like the aroma of a freshly-cooked lasagna to bring everyone in my house rushing to the dinner table. Served with a side salad, or maybe some garlic bread, the delicious combination of tomatoes, herbs, mince, pasta and, my family’s favourite part, a creamy béchamel sauce, all make this one of the ultimate […]

The Rationed Spirit Lives On

On 31st July 1970 the Royal Navy gave out the last ‘grog’ ration on HMS Endymion, a tradition that had become part of Royal Navy life. It was quite rightly thought that it was not conducive to concentrating on the job at hand. Happily it is a drink that continues to be popular in leisure […]

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Healthy Road Trip Snacks   So, you’re ready to let the top down on the car and hit the open roads to bask in the sun, take in some fresh air, and see some beautiful sites? With road trips come snacking, and if you’re lucky, lots of it! But, who said your snacks can’t be […]

Make perfect cake pops

Cake pops without doubt are the current must-eat desserts, available at a birthday party, baby shower, café and office coffee break near you. Cake pops may be easy to enjoy but they can be surprisingly difficult to make. Use a mini cupcake mold to get the cake pops into the required balls, and a mixture […]

A Sweet Tooth As Old As Civilization Itself

Who does not love sugar? There is hardly a child who can resist its sweet temptation. Not many adults can resist either – and why not? After all, it certainly does make a lot of things taste more palatable. At the end of day, it is really not our fault. It is how we are […]

4 Innovative Ideas For Making Sandwich Fillers

Among junk food, sandwiches and burgers take up the top place in favorite food list. However, people get bored of having the same kind of filling in sandwiches repeatedly. It is important that there be some variety in sandwiches and be made over in a different way. Thus, you need to come up with new […]