Get Mom in the Swim this Mother’s Day

Feeding your body the right nutrients is a subject we devote a lot of time to on this site.  We believe that a well-fed body forms the basis of good health.  Being fed well doesn’t have to be boring, nor do you have to give up the rich foods your love or the sweets you […]

Ways to tell if the food we eat is healthy

Many of us do our best to stick to a healthy, balanced diet but with complicated packaging, confusing food labels and misleading marketing campaigns, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes the foods we think are good for us can in fact have hidden ingredients that boost the calorific value and undo any of the nutritional benefits […]

Tips for Eating Healthy Food from Takeaways

Eating healthy food and balanced diet is an important aspect of maintaining good health. This will help you to feel best. To live healthy life good nutritious food is very important for us. You must eat a right number of calories in food in order to balance the energy requirements of your body. You will […]

Clean Up Your Life for an Uncluttered Mind

The world is consumer driven and materialism has become a common feature of most people’s lives in the Western world. Our homes are packed full of things we barely use and the mountains if unused items are doing nothing but causing us more stress, more difficulty and having a negative impact on our lives. Simplifying […]

4 Healthy Summer Snacks The Kids Will Love

As summer approaches, it is time to think about what foods you are going to feed your children on hot summer days. While you want them to enjoy their vacation, you also want to make sure that they are eating healthy, nutritious foods. Healthy summer snacks can be fun for children to eat while getting […]

5 Biggest Cavity Causers

Tooth decay is a major problem impacting the dental health of 92 percent of the adult population between the ages of 20 and 64. Out of that group, an estimated 23 percent of those people do not receive treatment. Most of these people do not seek dental help due to financial restrictions. Tooth decay afflicts […]

Food and hair treatments

Are there any foods that help strengthen the hair by acting on the peripheral circulation of the scalp? It’s the case of chocolate that is rich in protein and other vital minerals for the human body, acts directly on the blood circulation in our scalp and is used in some beauty treatments.  Important spice is chilli. Capsaicin, a chemical contained within […]