5 Festive Party Canapés for Your Catering Staff to Prepare

Christmas season means dinner parties full of festive food. If you decide to host a party during the holidays, contending with gifts to wrap, decorating the tree and writing Christmas cards can leave little time to prepare your food and drink.  Consider hiring catering staff who can serve tasty canapés at your party that will impress your guest and free your time for mingling and dining.  Here are some ideas for Christmas party foods that catering staff can prepare:

1)      Red onion and brie tartlets

Suitable for vegetarian guests, these mini nibbles are incredibly moreish.  With a short crust pastry base topped with red onions, vinegar and brie to give it a tangy yet sweet taste they will be a popular appetiser for your guests. Serve with a glass of cold champagne.

2)      Smoked salmon blinis

Blinis taste best when prepared on the day but it can take time to cook so catering staff will come in handy for this dish.  The smoked salmon lies on a layer of sour cream over the blinis seasoned with shallot, dill and lemon zest and juice.  The sour tang from the lemon juice and bitter aftertaste from the lemon zest makes it a tasty combination in one bite.

3)      Stilton and toasted walnut balls

This dish needs to be prepared and chilled overnight so inform your catering staff beforehand this will be included on the menu.  Using very mature Stilton ensures the walnut and port won’t override the flavour.  For presentation (and to avoid messy fingers) pierce the walnut balls with a mini metal skewer.

4)      Mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish cream

Delight your guests with a miniature version of this classic roast dish.  Care must be taken to thinly slice the fillet of beef as thick slices will otherwise overwhelm the Yorkshire puddings.  For a modern twist, horseradish sauce is embodied in crème fraiche for a richer texture.

5)      Sun-dried tomato and rosemary palmiers

Taste-wise sun-dried tomatoes can be overpowering on their own. Pairing them with puff pastry will give the canapé the right balance.  But palmiers can be quite tricky to prepare.  The puff pastry needs the right amount of puffiness to give it that distinctive circular rolling shape which requires trial and error; for those with little time on their hands this is what expert catering staff are for!

Allow yourself to be jolly and relaxed instead of stressed and overworked at your next Christmas party with professional and friendly catering staff from LOLA Events. Contact us for a free quote today.


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