4 Innovative Ideas For Making Sandwich Fillers

Among junk food, sandwiches and burgers take up the top place in favorite food list. However, people get bored of having the same kind of filling in sandwiches repeatedly. It is important that there be some variety in sandwiches and be made over in a different way. Thus, you need to come up with new ideas. The best thing that you could do is thinking of it as more of a meal and less of a snack. The new sandwich fillers should be different from the traditional ones yet it has to be equally, rather more appetizing.

Find out some of the innovative ideas of sandwich fillers below:


The easiest and the best way to make your sandwich healthier and more filling are to incorporate vegetables into it. The most commonly used sandwich items are lettuce, tomato and onion. To give your sandwich more unique taste, use fresh, red or roasted red peppers. If you were using sun-dried tomato in the sandwich, start using fresh tomatoes. To give a twist to turkey or chicken sandwiches, use marinated thinly sliced olives or cucumber.


You can either create or buy new kinds of sandwich spreads. You can use spicy mustard in your sandwich instead of traditional one. When you make sandwich this time, done use avocado slices. Instead of it whip the avocado with lime or lemon juice and add a pinch of salt to it for a guacamole-type spread. You can also ditch the traditional condiments like oil and vinegar to use salad dressing or flavored cream cheese instead. Using hummus is also a good idea as it complements most meats and serves as a source of protein on its own.


Use different cheese that you have never tried before. Do not use the regular cheddar or American cheese. Instead, go for something unknown. If you have been using feta cheese for some time now, use goat cheese instead on your sandwich. It is a great idea to toast your sandwich bread and melt the cheese rather than eating it cold. If you have cheese dip in your home, warm it up a bit and dip your sandwich in it while eating instead of adding the cheese to the other toppings directly.


To make a change, substitute your protein sources or include more to what you are already using. When you are making a turkey burger, add a layer of marinated temper to give the food a new twist. It would give an added amount of protein and the best part is that it would not add much calorie. For your protein source, you can use prepackaged soy burger. You can also try to make black bean burger on your own by looking up easy recipes online.

Sandwich is a great idea to be included as a dish in a party as well. People would love to eat different kinds of sandwiches. If it is a small party with limited guests coming, you can prepare sandwiches and other food items on your own and serve the guests. However, if it is a big party and lots of guests are coming to your house then it is better to give order to catering supplies service provider.

It is important that you choose a reputed and reliable catering service provider to ensure that you get quality food delivered to you. The food should be so good that your guests enjoy it and remain enthusiastic to come next time you call them over for a party. In order to find a reliable caterer you can get online or ask your friends and family to refer you one.


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