4 Healthy Summer Snacks The Kids Will Love

As summer approaches, it is time to think about what foods you are going to feed your children on hot summer days. While you want them to enjoy their vacation, you also want to make sure that they are eating healthy, nutritious foods. Healthy summer snacks can be fun for children to eat while getting nutrition into their growing bodies.


Take Advantage of Summer Fruit


Children love most types of fruit. Luckily, summer is a great time to purchase fresh produce that is affordable and tasty. For example, watermelon is low in calories and is refreshing on hot summer days. To make this snack more interesting and fun for children, cut watermelon into fun shapes with cookie cutters or layer watermelon with other fruits on a skewer to make a fruit kabob.


Frozen Treats


Rather than purchase store bought popsicles that are loaded with sugar and artificial products, consider making your own frozen pops. You can customize your creations based on your children’s food preferences. Consider blending frozen fruit chunks with juice, or mix drained, canned fruit with vanilla yogurt. Whether you pour your creations into a Popsicle mold or paper cups, your children will devour this tasty summer treat.


Dip Those Vegetables


Another healthy summer snack for children is fresh vegetables and dip. While vegetables may not automatically be on the top of children’s snack wish list, there are ways to make this healthy food appetizing and fun for children. Experiment with a variety of vegetables cut into easy to hold shapes, and different dips for the vegetables. Even if you think your children may not like the new flavors, you may be surprised to find out the new flavors they like. In addition to the health benefits of vegetables, raw vegetables are good for teeth health. When you feed your children this healthy snack, your family dentist in Baton Rouge will praise the condition of your children’s teeth and your purse will be happy.


Portable Snacks


In the summer, children are on the go. They may be swimming, playing outdoors, or biking around the neighborhood. This activity level increases their appetites, and it is important to feed them protein-filled snacks that they can eat on the run. Portable snacks, such as string cheese, are a great choice to provide fuel for your children’s body.


Regardless if you choose to focus on fruit, vegetables, protein or frozen treats, your child will think you are spoiling them with delicious snacks this summer when you follow these summer snack guidelines.

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